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Jump ahead of the competition with an SEO campaign from River City

Are you looking for SEO services in Kelowna because you are struggling to get visitors to your website? Are you losing business to all of your competitors online? It sounds like you need an SEO campaign to get you back in the game.

An SEO campaign with River City is sure to get you moving in the right direction on the search engines. Continue reading to learn more about our process.



Our process is designed to ensure you are being positioned under the best key terms for your industry and to build weight for those key terms on a monthly basis.

Keyword Research
On-Page Optimization
Content Writing & Sharing
Tracking & Analytics
Detailed Monthly Reports



Leave the research and planning to us

The first and most important thing we do with your Kelowna SEO campaign is to make sure we find the best key terms to position your website under.

This is done by discussing with you what services your business provides, products you sell, and your location and target audience.

We then take that information and research the key terms that show the most amount of monthly searches and weigh that against the level of competition for those key terms.

seo kelowna

seo kelowna



Optimizing your content is key to gaining rank in the search engines

The next step is to optimize your website for the chosen key terms. This is done by injecting the key terms within the content of your website, image and link tags, and the code of the website.

We also write monthly articles in the blog of your website with the key terms weighted heavily within the articles. This helps to keep the website refreshed and also builds weight around the key terms, which then boosts their rank in the search engines.



Lightning fast websites are essential for ranking high

Once the content optimization is complete we move onto the technical optimization. Having a lightning fast website helps to improve your rank as Google has really come down on website page speed and score.

We optimize the tech behind the scenes to ensure your website exceeds Google's speed and page score expectations, which is critical to moving up in the ranks. This also improves the experience your users will have on your website.

technical optimization
social media optimization

Social Media


Social media is crucial when it comes to running a successful SEO campaign

A lot of people may not know this, but including your social media accounts in your Kelowna SEO campaign is extremely important.

Remember those written articles we mentioned above? Once the articles are written they are then shared to all of your social media platforms several times throughout the month, which in turn gains weight for the chosen key term of that article.

If you don't have any social media accounts setup, we can take care of the setup process for you.

Tracking &


Find out how much traffic your website is getting and from where

We use Google Analytics to track your website and record statistics. This includes how many visitors you get on a daily basis, which pages receive the most views, where the visitors are located, and how they got to your website.

This helps us to determine which pages are receiving the most attention, and we can then focus on those pages to try and drive sales and conversions. It also helps you to see how well your SEO campaign is doing.

google analytics
seo kelowna



Monthly reports to keep you informed

Included in our SEO campaign are monthly reports. These reports break down how your key terms have moved in the search engines in the last month. Whether they move up or down in rank, we will always be fully transparent and show you all of the position changes in your report.

We break down what content has been written for the month and what social media platforms they have been shared too. We also provide statistics from those social media accounts so that you know how well the posts are doing and how many people have engaged.

The report also includes the technical optimization and what has been done for the month and how your website's score is improving each month. We have no hidden secrets within out reports.

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